Find out what happened when Peppa Pig didn’t show…

The town of Yarrawonga went into toddler chaos during the school holidays when Peppa Pig didn’t show up for her long awaited show at The Yarrawonga Kids Festival…Ticket holders were refunded as grown-ups scrambled to console their little ones after the bitter disappointment. 

We got the phone call at 8.30 pm THE NIGHT BEFORE to see if we were available to make the 4 hr drive to Yarrawonga. Could The Kazoos save this town from what appeared to be pre-school mayhem?

Luckily we were available and SAVE THE DAY we did! Well that was feedback we got anyway.

It really highlighted to us the role we have as children’s entertainers in the lives of families. It was an absolute honour to be invited to the festival and we think most of the families were adequately distracted from this potential disaster! LOL…First world problems! 

We made a whole lot of new fans, our DVD’s SOLD OUT after the first show, and the reviews were really lovely. Thank you Yarrawonga…we love you guys!  

“Kids had a ball at the last-minute performance put on by The Kazoos at the RSL when Peppa Pig couldn’t do it! Thanks for coming to the rescue and making a lot of other kids happy as well as mine!”Jamie Louise Cox