The Twist and Shake CD DOWNLOAD

The Twist and Shake: Download


  1. The Kazoos Twist and Shake CD is the perfect addition to any kids music library. Children love these songs. The album has an eclectic style-range and is wonderfully produced in Melbourne Australia. Independent and original, this CD totally rocks the pre-school market! ┬áThe latest and greatest CD from Kazoos is now available┬áby direct download through our website.. right here… today! Hooray!

iPhone & iPad Users please note:
You can not download and save music direct to your phone. You need to download on your laptop or desktop computer.

Instructions for iPad & iPhone Users

  1. Download and save the whole album ZIP file using your computer.
  2. Double click the ZIP file. This will open a folder with all of the songs inside.
  3. Add the songs to iTunes
  4. Sync your phone or iPad to copy songs from iTunes
  5. Have a Kazooey dance party!!!