Melbourne’s Moomba Festival

The last time we performed at Moomba there was that TERRIBLE hail storm. Do you remember that? Hail the size of golf balls causing chaos in Melbourne!

Before the mayhem ensued we were sitting peacefully with our then toddlers down by the Yarra enjoying a spot of lunch. It looked like it might rain and so we were having a discussion about whether we should take the kids back to the green room.

Chris (the meteorologist) looked into the sky and assured me we had NOTHING to worry about...well was he ever wrong. And I still remind him of it to this very day.

Within minutes hail the size of golf balls started pelting out of the sky! We rushed to the shelter of a tree with our little kids as birds were being killed by the giant icicles falling from the sky!

It was actually really scary. People had blood running down their heads and the ground quickly became a flood of icy FREEZING COLD slushy water. We managed to get the kids to the St Johns Ambulance caravan where we were able to cram in with about 50 other people escaping the storm.

Don't you just love how human kindness is highlighted in times like these?

People were helping each other and going out of their way to be of service to anyone in need. Professor Silly even waded his way through the icy water back to the children's tent (secretly to save his guitar) where he found a bunch of families stranded on the stage with their little ones. How could he resist but to stand in the freezing water which was now nearly up to his knees and sing Old Mc Donald to help cheer everyone up.

After the rain had subsided and we had called our babysitter to tell her not to bother coming back for our last set, we went home and recovered. Funny thing was when told the kids the next day we were going to Moomba they said..."We don't want to go back there!"

Ha! Ha! But they did! And they had a ball... which is what you are going to have if you come down and join us on the 10th, 11th and 12th of March.

We have shows daily at 5pm and we would love to see you at one of Melbourne's most loved festivals.

x Tulip