Did you know Professor Silly’s Mum is a TV star from the 80’s?

Fans were peering over their back fence while they were eating dinner, and Chris (AKA Professor Silly) used to get cash payments from kids in the playground to reveal secret information about what was happening next on the popular TV series.

I’m talking about Prisoner. You remember it don’t you?

image of Betty Bobbitt aka Judy Bryant

I think many of us kids from the 80’s would admit to sneaking out of our bedrooms at night to a catch glimpse of the TV while our parents were watching Prisoner, and many of us would remember the first ever lesbian character to hit Australian TV screens, Judy Bryant.

Chris’s Mum was offered a thirteen week role playing Judy Bryant in Prisoner and left five years later. She has been an actor and director for over 50 years and her award winning career has encompassed everything from revue to Shakespeare, television, film and of course directing The Kazoos!

Why are we telling you this? Because while we have been taking a little break from touring we have been busy publishing and releasing Betty Bobbitt’s book, From the Outside. It’s a story about Betty’s trials and delights of working on the long running series. It may also include a funny story about the time Val Lehman invited Professor Silly (Chris) to the Logies, and a secret is uncovered that reveals Chris’s mum may have more in common with the character of Judy than you might think.

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