Fifi Box pranks The Kazoos booking Kids Birthday Party Entertainment


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Celia Hill AKA Tulip Kazoo
So I get a phone call about kids birthday party entertainment … nothing unusual until the conversation takes a VERY funny turn. Over the years I have had some pretty stressed out Mums on the phone planning their kids birthday parties. And if you have ever hosted a kids party yourself… you get it.

As a Mum myself, I understand kids parties can be pretty stressful. I have often found myself counselling my party-mums through the whole experience. Like how she is going to deal with twenty-odd, sugar filled, cake covered four year olds running riot in her house!

So here I am on one of THOSE calls…I was trying to hold it together as the woman on the other end of the phone (Fifi Box) began to fire some pretty unusual questions at me.


“Could Professor Silly be called…Captain Silly?”
“Could you possibly wear skivvies?”
“And is the Kazooey Mobile um…RED…and..BIG?”

Listen to this hilarious prank call and see how I handled myself as Fifi Box did her very best to turn The Kazoos’ kids birthday party entertainment into a Wiggles performance. She had promised Jule’s Lunds daughter that The Wiggles would be the birthday party entertainment and she was now desperately trying to deliver, on a perhaps slightly unrealistic promise. Funnily enough, she had already called Sam Moran but when she couldn’t get past his manager she called me as a last resort!


It was a few years back now, but I still remember arriving on the day of the party and being whisked into a private room with Fifi Box. She pulled out four coloured skivvies (I think you can guess what colours)  and tried to convince me to wear them for the show. In an attempt to get out of this somewhat awkward predicament, I told her that there may be some copyright issues to deal with if we suddenly started wearing different coloured tops and singing about fruit salad. After a VERY funny conversation, she eventually agreed to let me do the kids birthday party entertainment as The Kazoos. And as Jules Lund said so himself the following day on air, “The Kids had an absolute ball…The Kazoos were fantastic!”

And yes, the party was an absolute hoot, complete with animal farm, Mr Whippy van, face-painting and there was even a spray-tan booth. I’m not sure if any of the kids got a tan but the spray-team was rapt with the national exposure, as too were we.


Yes we do! Not as often these days BUT when we’re not touring the country, or performing at festivals & events, we can still be found on occasion, performing in the suburban backyards of our hometown Melbourne. These shows are SO much fun and it’s SO enjoyable to interact with the kids up close. In fact, we started our journey doing birthday parties and it really taught us how to entertain kids and keep them engaged. It is actually one of the toughest gigs you can do as a children’s entertainer because if you lose 5 kids you may have lost half your audience! But over the years we learnt all the tricks of the trade to keep the kids entertained but most importantly, from the parents perspective, contained!

The smooth running of a children’s birthday party is like a military operation except all of your soldiers are sugar-filled, hyped-up and more than willing to tear your house apart!

Who ya gonna call?…


We do have very limited availability for parties but we would LOVE to help you if we can!

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